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I've felt strangely not-awful this week. Despite the cleaning binge & all the rains (tho there have been migraine teases, I have meds for that), I am still a functional person, and my energy levels seem to be going up a bit.

So I'm wracking my brain trying to figure out why, hoping its not a random phenomenon:

-Been slowly nomming through the corn chips that my friends didn't eat when they visited this weekend, so in the evenings I'm getting extra starchy-carbs. And I'm not completely pigging out on them b/c I'm still studying/tracking my noms by weight.

-Maybe my particular allergy season is over?

-Weird weather = weird barometric pressures = I'M ALIVE?

-Emotional baggage shrugged off after last weekend's cleaning binge? Cleaner home = Happy mez?

-Emo bags better handled due to Sedonia?

-DragonCon excitements?

-My body's adjusted to summer, after largely not dealing with winter or spring? Actually, NYC still seems on the cusp of spring/summer, depending on what each rainy day is like.

-My body's finally adjusted to a no gluten/dairy lifestyle, plus weird supplements after 10ish months (tho my tummy hasn't quite yet)?

-Body's finally recovering from adrenal fatigue and/or the AWI?

-Extra magnesium? Tho less extra this week cuz I ran out of epsom salts.

-Cut refined sugars over the weekend better than previous, and didn't over sleep.

-Only about 8ish hours of sleep per night since Sunday nite, instead of 9ish.

-This week's lunches were chicken instead of beef, but I still had beef for dinner for two nights, so that's probably not a thing.

-New boots hitting new foot pressure points? (Maybe?)

-I'm addicted to the Radioactive cover by L Stirling and Pentonix (iz on youtube, too lazy to link). Tho I've been listening to more new tracks on repeat-forever for the last couple of weeks (yay Communion After Dark podcast). That may be more of an indication to brain-waking-up, along with my typical obsessive tendencies. Mixed feelings about those obsessive tendencies.

-Finally dusted the pagan altar and now my patrons aren't pissed at me anymore.

-Faeries. B/c why not.

My tummy is still grouchy, but I'm learning how to deal with the new weirdness. But my skin is also breaking out more this week. And when the CF started gaining traction in my life, my skin became abnormally clear for me. That indicated that my problem might be hormonal, which indicated that it might be my thyroid, but common medical industry practice is "F#$% your problems if they don't show up on our tests the way we say they're s'posed to." So while my thyroid looks inflamed on an ultrasound, my blood tests are in the 'normal' rage, so f#$% me.

And wasn't I super sleepy for the last two weeks? And now I'm more awake than usual. Hmph. Body, you need a better manner of communication. "Owch" and "Zzzzz" just aren't enough.

Thanx to newfound energy and a bit more focus, I'm working on my usual summer backlog at work, and finally remembered to order my plane tix for Dragoncon. And I'm making a more focused effort to find roommates, that involves me *writing down* interested parties and details in case my brain shuts down again.

But DCon in two+ months isn't enough for me, I wanna be geeking out nooooow. So I'm looking into geeky meetups in NYC.

There's the Steampunks, tho I'll have to reschedule next week's acupuncture if I wanna hang out with them this month (and they're right by work, so not out of my way). And there's a Harry Potter themed meetup that's (mostly) every first Thursday. NYU's weekly Sci Fi club is mostly restaurant-based in the summer, which causes me food paranoia, but its still a possibility. Geeks Out is primarily for gay guys, but I don't think they'd mind the occasional Chrysilla depending on the event. Goth nights are just too late at nite for me now, my adrenals may finally be fixing themselves and I don't wanna jinx it. And there's always improv every night of the week, if I don't need a super hardcore geekout and just some nice entertainment :-)

I'm also researching the estimated price tags of more cons for 2014. Templecon, Arisia, Wiscon, Philcon, Dexcon/Dreamation so far. Not that I'm going to all of them, I'm just trying to get a good spread over the course of the year. But if I can find enough local geeky groups to hang out with, that may be enough for me. Especially if socializing finally jumpstarts my brain into working on my own projects again.

That's odd now that I think about it. My brain has a few extra spoons to work with, and its all RESEARCH CONS instead of WRITE SCRIPTS. Will mull this over. I still haven't had a moment to sit down and mull/meditate over the Sedonia stuff in the privacy of my own home, b/c things. Maybe I'll finally get that together tonite. And more thinking on whether or not I'll remain a hermit, but the lack of social offerings in NYC that don't start *after* my bedtime in far off boroughs may keep that a slow gradual process.

Lol, yesterday I had more spoons, but was teetering into a bad mood (b/c reasons), and suddenly remembered that I could text a local Village-centric friend to see if they wanted to hang out after work. And we did! And had Bareburger, on LaGuardia but I just made sure not to order a (cricket) salad with my burger. Good idea, considering the rest of the week will be rained out. And still got home after hanging out/dinner with more than enough time to fold excess laundry and get ready for bed. And falling asleep was a bit harder again due to "OMG AWAKE" but otherwise I slept OK.

Did have a strange dream that night. I was sent downstairs into this building for 'initiation' with another girl, and we quickly split up, but I was unsure that what I was seeing was actually real, or an interpretive theater thing like SNM. The room I remember the most included a creepy, automaton like lady (a bit like Helena Bon Carter) behind a table full of diamond costume jewelry. This trip into the underground was supposed to help indicate what I'm supposed to move forward with or embrace, and somehow this brought up both my jewelry work and my Jewish heritage (the later is something I've never explored that much). All very underground, dark, dank, cool (temperature wise), industrial basment-y with lots of rooms. The other girl was also wandering, and apparently found the rest of her advisors as she finished her wandering before me, it was a bit awkward. I suddenly had a rakish uncle (like the one in The Secret of Moonacre, same costume too), who explained to me that I was doing great, but in our family we're also supposed to be able to fly, so he's not entirely sure why I haven't show that ability yet. At some point he also appears to me as a hologram of some sort.

So lots of nice chewy bits there. Also, I think this is SNM dream number three? Lol.

This weekend is Dad's Day, and I was waiting for a verdict on that before making other plans. And the fam wants to come into Queens for Bareburger on Sunday, so I have time for more stuff aside from chores. That could be cutting fabric for the DCon costume, or more weird baking experiments, haven't decided yet. Oh, and some extra cleaning tasks that didn't work out last week for one reason or another.

I'm going to try limiting my sewing habit to 3 hours per weekend, and hopefully I'll get the B5 dress done by LDW without burning myself out. But that will include a mockup/muslin of the jacket part. Will see how this works out. There are some other light-costuming bits I'd like to finish from the project bin, but I'm not entirely sure I have places to wear them yet. *shrugs*

<3 Chrysilla

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