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Cannot concentrate on cataloging, but I've also finished going thru the 'further search' piles (and managed to catalog about 75% of them, w00t for towers of books *not* falling on me), and TheOldReader is still down, so hello blog.

Realized today how odd it is that I'm looking to work on an audio-drama podcast project, when very few people ever seem to listen to me. But then again, I think I'd be happy enough just completing it for those few people. Yay?

Still fretting and mulling over whether or not I'll be functional when it stops being hot outside. It would be ironic if the warm temps are waking up my system, but also extra-fogging my brain. Or the starch-trick may not work anymore by September. Just don't know what to think. Fretting probably does not help, tho. But like I said, I *do* have more energy, just way less focus, and not enough energy to get over the humidity and go out.

I've been in super obsessive costume/crafting frenzy for days, which now I think is a combo of PMS and a full moon. I've had worse weeks. And at least that brand of brain-weird seems to be subsiding into angsty daydreams. Not sure which I like less. But the getting-crafts-done proves that I do have some energy and focus. Would there be more to work with if it wasn't summer? Or less?

Also thinking through the acupuncture situation. It was really nice having a health-care type person in my life who remembered who I was and what my issues were on sight. Even my nice newish doctor can't do that. But I'm still doing better this month than I expected, physically and emotionally, despite triggers of physical and emo horribleness.

Last night I ordered fabric for the wedding-costume-dress, b/c they were running low on the swatch that I liked best, despite being over budget for the month. It was still only $4 per yard, but I'm deducting that much from next month's 'extras' budget total (tho it counts as spending for this month). And making a list of a few other things I 'need' to pick up in August so I don't overdo it again :-P A couple of lipsticks from the samples I liked (so far, still only 2), B&BW is having a sale so I can pick up my face wash for cheap, I need to get my jackets and coats drycleaned before its cold again, and so far that's it on specifics. Would like to keep it a short, low list in case of emergencies. And b/c DCon will still offset things, even with my savings scheme.

I won't know if I need a couple small blocks of polymer clay until I look thru my own supplies, but old clay tends to crumble on me after baking, and that was not pleasant when getting ready for last WF. Also, buying it in the store means *seeing* all of the other clay tools, and then usually wanting them.

With Tuesday's craft supplies delivery, I got the wire to work on the head-piece, and quickly discovered that this brand of wire is not suitable to the project. So I'm using the stuff from my bizness stash after all, can switch it out for my new personal-stash without any trouble I hope. The new pliers are nice, tho. I think the design I have for the headpiece will work out OK, but I'm not familiar with this kind of wire work, so there are already bits I'll have to do over again. And I worked on it yesterday evening, but sadly it did not relieve my migraine. Oh well.

I pretty much gave myself that migraine by researching Art Nouveau designs on Pinterest for my costume jewelry. Cuz I'm silly. But that did reveal that I *have* seen backwards tiaras before afterall- that Mucha Zodiac girl painting that's so popular. W00t.

Today I've had a lot of ongoing nostalgia for autumn goth nites, so it looks like the Doom Coat wins for next project in the sewing queue. Will cut out and sew up the lining this weekend to check the sizing, can cut up the velvet next weekend. Cuz I got new rotary blades, yay! Also, if I muslined the Regency coat now, I might be tempted to finish the wearable muslin for DCon, and that was something I promised not to do to myself. I would still like to make a simple handbag with Delenn-dress scraps tho, to have a matching bag, so maybe I'll do that first.

The wedding-costume-dress will be the very simple modern dress pattern I've used before, and I can just alter it to fit with the coat if things don't immediately line up. But as the pattern was designed for wovens instead of knits, I may be able to skip the zipper already.

I have some linen that I could probably make into hippie skirts. If I really want one. Not sure if I stopped wearing them b/c I prefer a sleeker look now, or b/c they were all raggedy. Not going to worry about it for the summer tho, I want a Doom Coat. And I feel really dumb for ordering all of those fabric swatches, but they all turned out to be just as translucent and in need of lining as the linen I already have, which was sortof the point. *shrugs*

And as of now, absolutely no more fabric shopping until January and I REALLY MEAN IT THIS TIME. If anybody else pops up with a costumed wedding, I'll just have to wear this costume twice :-P

And tonight is my allergy shot, so lessee if I esplode. Yaaaay. I remembered to bring an apple to eat at her office, maybe this time I'll remember to take it with me *to* the appointment.

Also had a weird dream last night. I was in a version of my old parents-home bedroom, which was also in my old high school, and I was going through my dresser and other bins of clothing which I hadn't seen in years. New members of my old drama club were poking around with me, and I said I'd happily donate what I didn't want anymore to them for costumes, and that was likely to be a lot of stuff. Odd that my friend Tim R. was also now the 'advisor' in charge of the Masques (he did not go to my h.s.). There was also a lot of wall art that I really liked and wanted to take with me, but there was a LOT of it, and I even wanted to leave some of that behind. And my dresser (which is actually in my chantry now).

So Discardia has now invaded my dreams. OK?

<3 Chrysilla

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