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Yaaaay, new [profile] s00j album :-D And I got an advanced download of it over the weekend, for purchasing it at Pagan Pride Day. With a fancy sticker :-D

Last week was ... mixed. Didn't sleep well all week, but I'm starting to wonder if that's b/c of my caffeine (chocolate) intake last week, which was increased by 50% to see what would happen. Well, I guess I know now :-P No binging after work, just bringing more doses with me and nomming them at other times than lunch as necessary. Not doing that this week, tho did not realize this until after nomming 150% more chocolate than usual today. *sigh*

B/c I didn't sleep well last Sunday, nor Monday nite either, Tuesday I had to ditch the IAF gathering to go home and sleep by 9:30pm (rather than my usual 11pm), b/c I just wasn't functional.

Then I was better on Wednesday, back to my usual CF levels of grogginess (meh) and then OMG after work I rewrote two scenes. OMG!!! I also remembered to do yoga for Tues-Thurs, and technically Friday as well, but... issues happened.

Thursday on my way home, I was in such a great mood that I thought "Hey, that crock pot I want is on sale at CC *now*, why don't I just swing in and pick it up now? I can put it on next month's expenses anyway, and it's $30 less than I budgeted for this way." Of course, I didn't think I needed to stop at home first and get my shopping cart. Halfway home with the big, unweildly box I realized my mistake, and OOOOOW my arms and shoulders. Ooooooow. On the upside, immediately soaking my bod in a magnesium bath fixed the immediate all-the-time muscle pain, so that's good. But until Sunday, my arms reminded me of my mistake whenever they moved in a certain way. So no yoga Friday or onwards. Whups.

On the upside, I have a crock pot now, so on October's monthly grocery trip to CC I can pick up some big meats to play with.

Saturday was Pagan Pride Day! I actually left the house! With makeup on! (And the makeup made me late, b/c I've forgotten how long it takes me) There is photographic evidence! Hung out with teh Pooka and [profile] arcane_sage, ran into a surprising number of old friends, especially from my old almost-coven days. Picked up some herbs and a gf cookie mix, because I'd forgotten that I was already over budget. Whups. I feel no guilt at all for picking up the advanced download code + sticker for the new Sooj album, that was totes worth it :-)

I didn't wear the Doom Coat afterall, b/c the weather report looked too warm, and for once it was correct. Usually the PPD/Cloisters weekend is cold enough to need a jacket like that, so I'm a bit worried about climate change. And this first week of October will hit 80 again, so wth.

Towards the end I ran into a friend from highschool, and we all went to dinner nearby with our friends, and it was great catching up with her. I've seen her at Wicked now and again, but I'm always *working*. And more than one old friend has had their own health probs lately, and hand actual first hand I-really-know-what-you-mean advice which was also nice :-) I had planned to get some professional fortune telling that didn't pan out, but I think the friend-finding was worth more :-)

On the downside, PPD includes a lot of standing around and forgetting to sit down on the many many park benches (at WSP this year) so by the end of the day my legs hurt worse than my arms still did, and a possible goth dancing trip had to be abandoned. Instead I went home, took another mg bath, and then passed out by 11pm.

Sunday I stayed in and did my chores, and worked on my Regency coat. And listened to the new S.J. Tucker album over and over again. Yaaaay! And then watched original trilogy Star Wars for a while. I have the DVDs that are technically the release of the lucas-ized versions, but each comes with an extra disk that includes the original-original version of the movie. I'd had trouble playing them on my old dvd player, but they worked fine on the new bluray player, so that's a relief. Best limited edition dvds I've ever invested in ;-)

Put together the RC lining as a mockup of the coat itself, and despite being an empire waist style I still had to bring up the waist by about 1.5 inches. WTH butterick? But this is why I did the lining first, I could sew in a fold that looks a bit odd, but nobody has to see the lining. And I adjusted the pattern pieces to match for when I cut the outer layer. Technically the bodice and skirt lining aren't supposed to be sewn together that way, so I just did a basting stitch to take out later. And will do some inside embroidery later (b/c protection). Instead of sew-in interfacing to the outside pieces, I ironed fusible interfacing to the lining, so will see how that turns out.

Since I did the laundry this weekend, next weekend I will have room to cut out the fabric for the outer layer. Also, the neckline of the coat seems to work with the neckline of the simpler modern-cut dress I'd like to wear underneath, so I guess I could cut that out too if I wanted. But may finish the coat first.

The underdress is one I've made before, but in a stiff woven cotten, so the stretchy knit I have for this version will still be different. Wondering again if I should pull up the waist on this dress, but this one is also empire-waist, and from what I remember the skirt pieces are all big rectangles with lots of gathering, so it probably won't matter.

Also put stickers on the cover of my sewing machine, which I've been meaning to do for a while. Combo of SJT and BPAL, and I think I have some more lying around somewhere that didn't make it onto my college trunk, but those might be at the *bottom* of the inside of that trunk so ... not rushing to look. Not so ironically, the trunk is now full of fabric. But I've been thinking of reorganizing my fabric stash (again) so maybe I'll remember to look if that happens.

Sunday nite I paid the bills and went over my monies from September. I went very over budget for a month that *started* with a con, I meant to be more financially disciplined. But then I was sick for a week, which led to silly purchases, and the Rx aisle at CostCo is treacherous.

Actually, I didn't go that far over in the 'extras' category except that my mp3 player needed to be replaced (tho the BPAL binge didn't help either :-P). And there's debate on whether that's a 'want' or a 'need' given my psych-attatchment to it. I may deduct it from October's extra's budget, tho its on September's expenses, and see how it works out. But advice of a friend suggests that I could just consider it a 'need' and draw it from my emergency savings account, which is kindof what its for. Monies is confusing. But I need my musical security blanket.

Also sketched out a grocery budget for next weekend and the rest of October. Including stuff in the Rx aisle, but ima try harder to stick to my list this time :-/ Tho its tough when the coupon/sales booklet outlines the discounts, but not the normal prices of the items. Will do my best not to max out this time, its apple season and I want some room to pick up fresh cider at the farmer's market next month.

Furthermore, sketched out planned 'extras' spending. B/c BPAL Halloweenies. Tho they're being really slow on the order I made on 9/19, but I've been told that's normal for this time of year.

Luckily, packing in the jewelry work for a while gives me an excellent excuse to SKIP NY Whole Beads Show. And not spend $$ or spoons. Hopefully I'll be back in March, b/c they will be.

Didn't realize the 5HTP they sell at Costco is a higher dosage than I usually take, so now I'm taking 100mg instead of 50mg per night. Oops. I guess we'll see what happens. If it doesn't make me feel better, I can just return the 2nd bottle and go back to paying too much at Vitamin Shoppe. But I was certainly *extra* grumpy the last time I ran out and didn't take it for a few nites. I'm going to see if the Mg tablets they sell are comparable to the Mg-Glycinate I get before I buy any.

My friend this weekend recommended St. John's Wort, but I did some online research, and it may interfere with The Pill and Allegra. And when I tried it in college, it made me very light sensitive and gave me headaches, or at least I thought it did. I can at least check with my allergist about the Allegra next week.

There was a LOT of internal kvetching about my stalled out life last week, so on one hand I wonder if that's finally motivating me to change it. To start the small steps that will eventually lead to bigger outcomes. And yoga and writing did happen, and sewing over the weekend, and Pagan Pride Day. But I'm also worried that the kvetching itself, the anger and the frustration, will also drain me. So... not sure what to do about that. Once again, I think the fact that I'm awake enough to be angry is a good sign, but anger itself can make me tired.

Tarot for this week looks... dramatic.
Well... it looks bad, but based on the place my life has been stalled out in for 2+ years, might be necessary.

If the Moon is the weird, foggy health problems I've been having forever, that I haven't fixed yet regardless of how many things I've figured out, then the Tower is the breaking down of the brainfog for ... some reason. The established ill health gets a smash in the face, yay! And then the Knight of Pentacles can continue on her way with her magnificent designs, dammit.

Tho based on a convo with a friend this weekend, that could also indicate the KABOOM of the Tower is a more random event, but it gives me enough of an oomph to set up some new helpful life habits to keep me healthier in the long run. Still good.

At least I hope its good. Otherwise, baaada boom. Nope, please not :-/

However, this weeks astro stuff seems to be about renewal, and setting up new healthy goals and life habits and such. And blah de blah heart mind balance new moon stuff. OK?

Actually, was already working on some new daily habits. This week Ima try again to split my lunch & break in half, so I don't gorge myself at noon and crash out by the end of the work day. Will see if that helps prevent the brain fog.

That came up in therapy today. Its very hard to figure out *why* the brainfog happens, b/c by its very nature, you can't see or figure out anything when you're in it. B/c its FOG. But I'll try to keep an eye out for triggers this week, even though its hard. At least I'm starting to feel the 'yay, fall!' beat again.

Will try to go right to bed tonight so I can go to a music and literature event tomorrow night (and there are even two to choose from) instead of suffering another Tuesday supercrash. But again, I didn't sleep well last night, and I ate a ton of chocolate today, so we'll see.

The rest of my week is open so far, may keep it that way to work on sewing and otherwise save spoons. In a few weeks it'll be NYCC, which I'm not going to, but I may try some of the after parties. Now that I think of it, there may be a Potterfan meetup on Thursday, but I probably won't go if they're just in the park again.

Another thought tonight- I do kinda miss live theater. But I don't think I can keep up with it physically anymore, except as an audience member (and I even keep failing at that lately). That's why I find podcasting attractive as an artform. I can just do it at my own pace, and broadcast when I'm ready.

And that's been part of the internal kvetching. I don't *think* I can accomplish the projects I want to work on, I *KNOW* I can finish them, and they'll turn out amazing b/c that's what I do. Except that my body won't let me work on them, or even remember that I have plans. Meh. Will figure it out eventually, I hopes.

<3 Chrysilla

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