Mar. 15th, 2013 12:31 pm
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So after two weekends ago, with its "CLEAN ALL THE THINGS!" and melatonin, I had a few more days of feeling more able to brain and then by Thursday it dribbled away again. But it was also TTotM by then, so hormones, and the weather took a cold/wet/icky downturn as well. Or my brain-evil has acclimated to the melatonin and now I'd need more. Too soon to tell. And the headaches come and go, tho I think they're better as long as I take my B12 supplements every day, but I think those were also worse than usual this time last year.

Weekend of sewing and slight fail )

But that Friday night I went to a friend's b'day party in Astoria, and stayed for two hours before I got cat-gested (I forgot to ask if she had pets) so that in itself is an achievement. I also made a circular batch of brownies and went to a Pi Day party this Thursday, so yay I'm outside. I'm hoping this is the start to me being *out* more often, especially as spring starts for real, but I think I had the same hopes last year and they didn't really pan out. But who knows.

Health, sleeps, needles )

In non-health news, I've been rejected as a vendor for SPWF, so at least that's one expense I don't have to deal with, and one less episode of lugging a big heavy suitcase around NJ. I may still go as a private citizen, but the general disorganized craziness I've had to deal with from this event company makes me not want to give them any more of my money for a while. And they didn't get around to figuring out the vendor sitch until waaaay after ticket prices went up, which is crappy. Its not like we don't have a vibrant Steampunk community *in* NYC, although I'm too tired to hang out with them very often. I have a room reserved at the hotel already, but they didn't need a deposit, so I'm still mulling things over.

Its also my b'day weekend, so on one hand I could have my b'day party in the city instead, but on the other I HATE organizing my b'day party b/c 80% of my friends are super flaky. Including the ppl who promise to help me organize things and then wait until the last minute. I think my b'day may just be cursed. But it may be easier to go to a con of mostly-strangers and just wander around with a retinue going "Yay! Its my b'day!" and mooch off the con excitement.

Also, $$ not spent on this event means more $$ for DCon. But I was hoping to start attending more cons. Maybe I'll finally do Dexcon again? I hear it is more train accessible now, and if I'm not larping I won't have to pack a giant suitcase of costumes.

My weekend plans are all house-bound, except for maybe an early morning Costco trip (with a VERY short list, I think I'm getting the hang of that). Would like to try making lamb pasanda, finally, since CostCo has boneless leg of lamb on a semi-regular basis. And I miss it sho much. Will try to finish those two sewing projects, do the laundry (should have done it last week, but ran out of steam & time and now its a dire situation) and my other regular chores. Otherwise, much vegetating. There is free comedy stuff tonite (Friday) but I'm in a curling-up mood, and have run out of Chrysilla-friendly lunch boxes for the week.

Next week is the New York Whole Bead Show, and I took a half vacation day for Friday morning, so I can go when its less crazy and there's more stuff. I need to work out a budget for that this weekend. And more importantly, make a list of things I *don't* need to buy. Tho for good or bad, shopping for beads does make me want to use them more, so hopefully this will be a nice little jumpstart. Tho Wicked Faire sales went so badly that I still have plenty of stock for Twisted World in April, so I don't have to stress about it.

On the other hand ... part of me just wants to eat the cost and ditch my Twisted World plans. And just sleep that weekend, tho its several weeks away so who knows how I'll be feeling. Even though they actually seem to have their act together and have low table costs.
Dammit chronic fatigue :-/

<3 Chrysilla
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At some point in the last two weeks I gave up on having a social life for the most part, because the guilt of not making it to people's *things* was getting to me. I'm back to being a bag of lead weights with achy feet, and I have a vending event to prep for despite that, so everything else goes on the backburner again. But knowing my friends, nobody's going to hold that against me, and we can hope that I'll feel better by summer.

Draining and coping )

Again I am reminded that I'm still in a Saturn Return. If there's a lesson to be learned from this weekend, and many others, its how to "sit on my @$$" in the proper manner. Apparently the only way to get over mono is to be lazy for months at a time. Fine. Bring it. Lots more BBC to watch on Netflix :-P

This weekend was also a good one to take off, because next weekend is ICON. I'm still worried that I'll be too tired to do much but am planning ahead as best I can. Decided to take Friday off instead of going to con after work, commuting mid day, checking into the hotel room with my friend to drop off my stuff *before* going to campus to get my badge, bringing a book with me in case I just need to sit and read on a couch in a lobby at any point, no elaborate costumes or props to lug around. I forgot to buy a badge online, and I've been told the buy-on-site line is longer (a stark contrast to DCon), but I guess I'll just roll with it. I'll have a book. And a trenchcoat, b/c it usually rains for ICON.

But I'd like to have a nice geekend. Am looking forward to it :-) My feet already feel a bit better, yay.

<3 Chrysilla
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Still alive. I think?

Wicked Faire was a lot of fun. Even though I was feeling pretty wiped out, despite surprise days off before hand, but it was easy enough to chill at my booth and let the con come to me. And the lower table price took a HUGE weight off my mind. And we had really nice neighbors, and really good traffic flow. I brought the puppet, which actually made salesmanship a lot easier for me. W00t!

It was a good reintroduction to sellin stuffs in person, and I'm looking forward to Steampunk World's Faire with my two friends' jewelry companies. We've been approved for hotel-room vending so all of my nefarious b'day plans are coming together. Yay!

Unfortunately, aside from that there were many weeks of badness for my brain. First there was the massive roach incident in January, but then a week before Wicked I had a FRIKING MOUSE in my home. On the 15th floor of a building that does not have hollow walls. Just... ARGH. The anxiety backlash of that was a lot worse than the roach, I had to stay over my friend's house overnight, it was pretty bad. And just as I was getting over the roach incident, so all of *those* feelings came back too.

The Monday before Wicked, a big water tank on the roof of my work-building broke and flooded the whole building. The library I work in is the second floor down, and is probably the only floor with extensive carpeting instead of linoleum, so we got some extra time off while people came in to repair the damage. It was still pretty wet and disheveled when we came back, and only this week things seem to be going back to normal. All of last week I had an obstacle course of extra displaced furniture between the door and my desk, that was not fun. Not to mention displaced books to look for, loud fans, and our new carpets getting pulled back up. Barely any books were damaged (about 20) so the worst part of this so far has been all our newly renovated stuff getting wrecked and thrown out. And the renovation wasn't fun for me in the first place. At least this work stress (supposedly) has a time limit?

So for the last few weeks, between the fun Wicked Faire, office stress, and the brain-cracking phobias, I've been really f'ing drained. Being at home is not relaxing when you're afraid to work in your kitchen, and looking nervously in all the dark corners every five minutes. It slowly sucked all the excitement out of upcoming SWF, ICON (oh F$%# I still need to buy my ticket), and other things. Last week I felt like I'd been thrown back into November as Little Miss Mononucleosis. Too tired to have a social life, frequent migraines, misery at my inability to do anything with my marvelous plans and schemes. I am sho frustrated, considering how much better I felt in early January, and how Wicked Faire turned out well.

Schemes Interrupted )

Last night I really fell into a pit of angst, about my lack of energy and my life going nowhere as a result. I resisted *most* of the miserably whiny FB updates I wanted to write. I decided "Fine. I give up. No more life or projects until I feel better, F.U. body!! *angstangstangst*"

And today I feel ... better. Not 100%, but better than yesterday and last week. Like I could go to the NYRSF reading tonight without collapsing. So... srsly? I have to have to out-drama my own body to get it to work right? *sigh*

<3 Chrysilla
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Its been a mixed couple of weeks, to say the least.

Good and Bad Things )

This week is about buckling down to do the thing you've resolved to do. But really, all that I've resolved to do is be healthy again. So this week I'm going to keep taking it easy, not stress out about my upcoming vendor engagement. Get to bed on time again. However, that should be getting priority over script writing right now, but the potential podcast is the shiny new project, so ... argh. And I have trouble focusing on it while I'm on break at work.

Other things that need doing = cataloging and photographing teh latest craftwork, even if its just for my records rather than teh Etsy shop. I'm not doing any Etsy updates before Wicked, would be silly if I just sell the piece at the con anyway.

In long-term plans I'm also looking into setting up my own website for sales. Along side the Etsy shop until they shut down all the actual artisans, b/c Etsy seems to be on a downward spiral of lame now. And yet scammers can still sell designer knock off bags so long as they label them "vintage"? WTH?

But yay, its Imbolc this week. Ima light some candles and do some craft work, now that the house is already clean. Goddesses LUV craft work! And protecting their novitiates from giant bugs I hopes.

<3 Chrysilla

NYNY: Relax

Jan. 9th, 2012 03:24 pm
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I definitely had this prompt in mind last week, but was lazy about updating. I mean... relaxed, not lazy. Also, stomach aches and nosebleeds. Eeek.

NYNY: Relax, Don't Do It.

While I was on winter break I was sick, so all I had to play with for 1.5 weeks was the interwebs. And through the interwebs I learned to stop hating on teh Steampunks.

How I learned to chill out and like teh Steampunks )

Coupled with my interest in returning to con-slut-ness, this meant I needed some new garb. None of my big fancy garb pieces fit me anymore (corsets, old dresses, some of which were worn to rags anyway). But I'm off pattern-sewing and not even that great at it so far. Decided that sometime before SWF I would order one really nice piece as a general costume base. I still have bits and pieces that go together nicely for less-fancy looks. So it was a plan to keep an eye out long-term for anything I wanted to save up cash to pick up.

Until I thought, "Wouldn't Babylon 5 costumes look so awesome when SP'ed? I could go as Delenn!" and compulsive costume shopping began in earnest. Whups. But I found a site with a quite suitable dress for sale, a new years coupon code for the other piece, AND I still had Xmas $$ leftover from the Macy's trip, so the damage isn't as bad as it could have been. Ordered the Corrina dress in plum, and this fichu in what I hope is a teal, but light green should be OK. Big purple dress? Yes pls. I have (raggedy) skirts that will function as crinolines, and know of the pillow-as-bustle trick.

And y'know, SWF will be my birthday too (5/19). I wanna go fancy for my b'day, I am QotCP afterall. I could also wear it for Wicked Faire if it arrives in time, and if it isn't too fussy to wear behind the jewelry table with a Dusk-puppet.

I also went to Necromantic this Saturday, a goth/wave night at the Bowery Poetry Club, to dance around in my newly rediscovered energy reserves. After about an hour of not-too-hard dancing I got super dizzy and had to sit it out. And then go home b/c the dizziness wasn't going away. I was drinking water the whole time, and finished my daily dose of calories before going out that nite, but maybe that wasn't enough calories for dancing. Or my body wants to be eased into exercise after not being at all active since August. Whups. I was very crabby about leaving as the music got more and more wonderful.

<3 Chrysilla
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So... Winter Break kinda sucked. Sick! For the whole thing! WTF? )

I did finally make that health-improving honey pot that I'd been planning, a few days late of the new moon but I'm sure it'll be OK. They're like pet rocks for pagans. Not sure if it helped me overall, but I like it. And I finished the last couple of sewing projects I had lying around and put all the equipment away. January is for jewelry now, I need to prep for Wicked Faire in February.

Reflecting, cuz I didn't have much else to do )So assuming I get healthy again, my new life-back-on-track plans involve getting back to my fen roots. And being a con-slut.

Already doing Wicked and DragonCon, probably also Steampunk World's Faire, maybe ICON. Going back to NYRSF and KGB Fantastic Fiction when I can to hang out with the geeky writers.

Oh, and as for the magic writing prompt... CLEAN ALL THE THINGS!!!! )

In brief, once I somehow got juiced on the new year I went into mega productive mode without wanting to curl up into a ball and die afterwards. Cleared a ton of clothes out of the closet. Cleaned most of the apartment. Smudged with cedar and frankincense. Went shopping to get clothes that actually fit me. Made moar jewelry. Wrote the first draft of a podcast sitcom episode. Got sick again (:P) but what can ya do. All of these were things I was putting off, in some cases for months at a time. Too bad I couldn't keep putting off the stomach aches.

I was well enough to come to work today, at least, tho I don't think I can do Tai Chi tonite. I still have the energy but the tummy is all owwwwch. I can go home and do jewelry or writing instead, or just relax my tummy and watch a fancy movie on teh Netflix.

Today I also found out that most of my vitamins & supplements contain wheat and/or soy, so much for elimination diets. And the probiotics I was taking contain milk. YOU FAIL GNC. Tho I had the energy surge despite not taking the vitamins since the Friday before Xmas, so maybe I'll leave off them for a little while and see what happens.

<3 Chrysilla

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