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Last week's plans kinda backfired. My body, especially the digestive system, is still pretty upset about the medical procedure I have a couple weeks ago. On top of that, extra lethargy and brainfog, which I can't tell is part of the digestive protest or the changing weather. *Or* b'c I tried ginko supplements again last week. The last time I tried them, I was also very extra groggy, but there were other medical things going on too (part of No-vember :-P). Maybe I'll just leave that bottle on the shelf for a few *months* this time and try again later. Its not like it was helping.

And that pretty much sums up last week. Wednesday I forced myself to go see the first two shows at Magnet Megawatt, and the shows were good, and a few ppl remembered who I was which was nice. But while going out with friends for a night of gossip and brain-ing can sometimes wake me from the brain/body fogs, sitting in a dark theater watching a show isn't really as stimulating. Tho they were still very good shows, so I look forward to seeing more improv when I stop having all the brain worms.

Thursday night, b/c it was kinda warm that day, I decided to have a frozen fruit smoothie to help get thru all the stuff in my freezer. The next day my stomach was extra extra cranky. Either the bananas were not-good before I froze them, or blue and blackberries have more oxalates in them than I realized. They're *kinda* high on the scale, but the scale itself is kinda wobbly, and concentrations of a fruit's makeup can change a bit after freezing. I have a friend who may be willing to take the blueberries off my hands, there's a f'ing ton of them b/c I splurged at CC in the early autumn. I'd rather give them to someone who can eat them than toss them out.

The rest of the week I kinda gave up on socializing b/c I just felt so blegh. Didn't manage any writing either. Spent the whole weekend inside, with possible going-out plans in case I suddenly felt better, but nope. I did manage to do the big CC grocery trip, including a frozen duck Ima play with over winter break. And stayed on budget, yay for me.

And as long as I'm focusing on the evils of oxalates, I can stop thinking that it was the fiber that was evil, so I got a couple bags of their organic frozen veggies. And they had a new one with chopped cauliflower, yay. Childhood-me wouldn't have ever thought I'd miss veggies. Might pick up a couple fresh bulk veggies during break, too. They probably wouldn't have any asparagus, but most likely butternut squash, and last time they were pre chopped. I will probably be playing with a lot of food over winter break, but I'm trying to make a list of recipes to try so I don't burn out or nom myself sick.

Also finally restocked on fancy, thick cut gf bacon. B/c of the trip + thanksgiving, I somehow decided to not get bacon in November to see if it made me feel any better. And felt awful all month. Welcome back bacon. Nommed so much this weekend, felt sho good.

This week's fud adventure was to cook a whole chicken in the crock pot, then strip off skin and meat separately, and put the bones and some giblets back in the crock pot with the drippings & water for 24 hours. Equals broth? Didn't turn out jiggly enough to be stock. But still turned out better than when I tried to do chicken broth on the stove, so that's good.

The meat went into the weekly lunches, and I broke up the skin into smaller pieces and fried them. Gribenes are OK for you if they come from organic chicken, right? Lol. They were so good tho, the best part of fried chicken without all that pesky nutrition ;-). And I fried up the liver in the rendered fat for pate the next day, but of course I forgot. The broth will probly help me recover from body-fail this week, maybe the liver too if its still OK by tomorrow.

Not sure if I'll do it again next weekend (two chickens per package) b/c it does take longer than oven roasting, and with a bigger pot to wash. Followed by frying the skin separately. And while I don't feel like its dangerous to leave the crock pot on over night, the cooking smells are VERY distracting when I'm trying to sleep. And I'm not sure about next weekend's schedule. So I might just roast the chicken, freeze all the drippings, bones, and bits for crock pot stock some other time. Tho space in the freezer is at a premium until I get rid of those blueberries.

Also constructed my lunches a bit differently this week, half meat and half veggies. I wanted to do a week without rice to see if I felt any differently. Rice is another thing that doesn't seem to ever help me, and I'm wondering if over-carbing at lunch may add to the brain fog. Just for a week and I'm eating other starchy carbs for breakfast and dinner. Also, slightly smaller lunches so I don't keep having that over-gorged feeling after lunch :-P Still having trouble giving up the chocolate tho. Tempted to make it a new years resolution, but there's a bad kind of synergy around those things.

Got some dried coconut chunks too, with the intention of putting them in the food processor and making what some paleo-bloggers call "coconut manna" which is another baking element that goes for up to $10+ per jar. Or you could just put flaked or chunks of coconut in a food processor. But this stuff was covered in sugar, so not really what I wanted. Not bad for snacking on tho. Om nom nom. Also a nice alternative to fancy chocolates, b/c the ones I like have both nuts and dairy in 'em, tho are usually gf. And I should be cutting back on chocolate anyway. *sigh*

Back on the downside tho, the mouse-problem has returned to the library. Tho it always looks like the same mouse. After the first sighting on ... Thursday (? Ugh, so brain fogged)... some ITS guys showed up to fix the holes they'd made in one of the electrical closets the week before. And those closets are supposed to be totally sealed of holes for firecode reasons, so that seemed a likely reason for the sudden mouse. If its not the same one, there's more holes (but we don't have the keys to those closets, one of the maintenance departments has reign over that), if it is the same one then it must not have gotten back home before they sealed everything up. Either way, I called a second time for moar traps, so hopefully they'll come over soon. Ugh. Do not like, not at work pls :-(

Last week I also picked the Sedona book back up, b/c I've slacked off on that emotional mindfullness stuff. So will see if that helps, with phobias and in general.

This week is pretty clear except for a friend's holiday Yule party next Sunday, and then next week I have my GI follow up and my allergy shot. So this week I may just leave my schedule open for more resting and relaxing until Sunday. And I've already decided not to feel guilty for doing that.

Might as well just accept that my body is still made of fail (and according to a friend who has the same procedure, this can last for weeks afterward :-P) and cross my fingers that I'll feel better for winter break in two weeks (instead of getting my bi-annual sinus infection :-P). And then its two weeks of not having to deal with the world if I don't want to, yay.

Today I came into work to find the package from my friend's shop had come in, yay! Ritual/perfume oils, including a very generous freebie. Already wearing the Lavender healing oil, because. So may get to some pagan-ing while home recuperating. Also realized today that I've been using 'honey jars' like mojo hands. Whups. Not really sure whether or not its working anyway, tho. Tho following that logic, I could try using my spiffy new ritual oils to *feed* them like mojo hands. *ponders*

<3 Chrysilla

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