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Last night got very spazzy with my motor skills, accidentally closed the whole browser window and lost a nice long journal post. Whups. Not feeling that much better today, actually, but went to the park to eat brownbag lunch with a friend which was nice.

Meds wise, I think my body is fighting back against the Strattera. Friday I was hyperactive, that settled down for the weekend, then on Monday I completely crashed out and fogged up an hour after my dose, was extra zombied all day. Focusing is still very difficult. Today its very similar. I have the option of being on each level of dosage for 5-10 days, and this is the fifth day of 18mg, so tomorrow Ima increase to 25. So I'll have a couple days to settle into it before going to Boston for the weekend, and I still won't have to raise my dose while I'm there. Sleep and tummy have also been a bit weird, but then they're ALWAYS a bit weird, so *shrugs*. And sleep usually gets weirder in early fall.

The fact that my office is still f'ing freezing is not helping with my focus either :-/ $$ will be tight next month, but I really need a thermometer for my desk.

As previously stated, my weekend was mostly eaten by sewing. But I interspersed sewing hours with cleaning half-hours, so now my workbench/desk is tidy again, and the bathroom is clean. There are still some bits of cleaning & organizing to do but not so much that I need to dedicate an entire weekend to the work. And I'd like to make a habit of cleaning more often so it stops piling up like that :-P

The fam came in for a Sunday brunch visit, for Dad's b'day, and they took some more of my junk away. The toys, b/c they know where to donate those in NJ, a folding chair I don't use, some books, the VCR, etc. Not the stereo yet, b/c I wasn't sure when the new one would come in, and then it came in the day after so now I'll have one more box in the hallway for a while. *sigh*

There are still some baskets of clutter in the chantry, and after spending so much energy and time to get rid of as much junk as possible at home, it is very disheartening to see them. Most of the packages have been sent, aside from one I'm waiting to hear back on about postage, and most of the leftovers are already in the HW bin downstairs.

There is a basket of books that I was going to bring to the Strand, but a) I dislike the ppl in that store half the time, b) it means that basket stays there for a few more weeks. I could also just load them into a cardboard box and leave them in the basement for the co-op faeries. That's looking like the saner option. And I'll need that basket free if I want to do my laundry this week.

And then there's the big basket of fabric that I'm keeping, but won't fit into the dresser drawers that now hold my stash. So at least that's motivation to keep on sewing, tho I hope it doesn't get in the way of the jewelry work & Etsy photos I also want to do for 100 Things. Its still getting on my nerves :-P I think I'm just going to chuck the tiny scraps collection now, or when/if I finish the new crochet sewing basket. But... dust clings to fabric sho much. Argh.

Still trying to figure out what to do with the extra art & decor. I was going to wait to hang it in the hallway until I'd painted it, but who knows when Ima get that together at this rate. I may just get some adhesive hooks and put them up like that, take them down again if painting ever happens. I wanted to take some to work, but I worry that the XKCD prints would get nicked. Tho they are signed to me specifically. Don't want to put the stonework tablet thingies on the balcony afterall, since I rarely sit out there. Or I could replace some outdated, generic wall art and keep those prints in a binder? That means not having to buy new frames, at least. I hope to figure this out before anything get crushed while laying flat on the sewing table :-P Also to relocate to work: lots of tea (free of barley malt this time :-P), and more short story collections that somehow snuck back home.

Finally remembered to tarot, but I only lapsed for a week I think. Not too bad. The omens look good for continuing 100 Things :-)

At first I thought WEALTH OMG WEALTH, keeping in mind that financially I've been awful for the last two months, and that there are other kinds of wealth than $$. But there are also a lot of "creator" associations here, and a horoscope I read also reflects those sorts of things going on this week, with a NMoon in Libra, so Ima hope this is a good week for making Things and being awesome.

A new moon in Libra would fall into my second house, so I hope that's also a good omen for $$s if not financial wealth. Cuz Friday night I looked more closely at my finances, and I've messed them up worse than I realized. Not in a 'help help emergency' way, not by a long shot, but in a 'this will take several months to put back correctly' way. So that's something, at least, that my mistakes haven't actually ruined my life immediately. But that means this is my time to fix them before they do ruin me.

I've used a whole bunch of emergency savings to cover non-crucial purchases for the last couple of months. At first, I was going to add those purchases gradually to my monthly budgets for the next few months, but luckily I realized how needlessly complicated that would be.

Now I'm just going to let them stand for September, and budget in extra emergency savings until that account is back up to its pre-summer level. It achieves the same effect: less fun monies in exchange for savings, but without having to remember my purchases from months earlier.

Still putting $$ in my long term savings accounts (DCon, other cons, larp travels) and that's typically where most of my 'extras' spending goes nowadays (which is another reason I'm still ambivalent about DCon, eep). But no BPAL, or only 1 bottle per LE line, no new tshirts (I have plenty), no new fabric (egads, nope). There's some stuff I want to pick up for my Lost costume next month that's neither fabric or clothing, and it doubles as a Halloween costume, so as long as I stick to my list I'll be OK. And I already have some of the materials I need for it.

Actually getting better with my grocery budget, but that's partially due to being too tired and overheated to cook interesting things, and another 'gah I hate food' phase, so it's been sausages and mixed veg all summer. I haven't had recipe fatigue yet. Will see how it goes when its cool enough to use the crock pot and the dutch oven again, which will probably be soon. The nice thing about the sausages is you don't feel compelled to add extra veg to the cooking process, just bake them in the oven for a bit and they're ready to go.

At this rate, I'll be back up to full by March. After that I hope to teach myself how not to binge on fabric like I've been doing, but then long periods of not-shopping seem to feed into the binge/starve shopping cycle for me. But I managed to figure it out with BPAL, partially by keeping track of what I already had so I wouldn't get doubles. Now that the fabric stash is easier to access and look at I'm hoping for the same effect. And i need to just ignore all fabric sales from now on. The linen store emails go straight to my spambox for that reason, along with those of other stores. But when everything I needed eventually was suddenly all on sale right 'now' ... ugh. Same with the stereo, but I certainly don't want a new one of those every season.

Also not sure how to deal with the beadz bizness in the midst of all of this, tho I'd already started to put my Etsy sales into their own savings account so it's a bit like a cons fund. Doesn't mean I won't go crazy tho. FMG and Genuine 1010 have their own lures. Tho I also managed to not overspend on FMG the last time I ordered, only putting beads in the basket that I planned to use together in specific projects. Will see if the lesson stuck.

I'm even more embarrassed at my financial suckage after just doing Discardia- I spent most of this $$ on STUFF. Stuff needs to be cleaned, stored, and eventually turns into clutter and makes me miserable. I think I'd be less upset about this if I'd spent the $$ on experiences (hence, still saving for cons) rather than next year's clutter. I'm hardly a minimalist, but I have limits.

Still contemplating the No Shopping Summer, but that effectively follows Buy Nothing Autumn/Winter, so I'm not sure if that's overkill.

Overall I think Discardia succeeded, I've mostly made space for the life I want. The problem is my brain keeps shorting out and forgetting what I want, so I forget to spend my spare time pursuing those goals. Grr.

Plans for the week include trying to make a friend's impromptu b'day thing tonight (but SHO TIRED and I forgot his gift at home :-/), picking up my new stereo at the store near my home tomorrow, plus crafty stuff after, laundry on Thursday, and Friday I head out to Boston for their MES NWoD weekend of larps. I think getting away from my home for a couple days is a really good idea right now.

Tomorrow I should get the pleather in the mail, which is tempting me to make the hoodie in time for Boston, but NO. Just no. I want to make shiny things again, unrelated to games kthnx. You can have a big new costumey stuff reveal for the 'November' games and not drive yourself crazy this week.

<3 Chrysilla
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