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First day of classes at work, so every time I go to type or read something a patron turns up. Very bizy. Although not very crowded, b/c a large part of the student population is probably still snowed out of NYC as of this weekend. But everyone who's here is definitely making it sound like a full house, b/c rampant coughing.

Tbh, the blizzard didn't alter the path of my life while it was happening. Was already planning to stay in all weekend b/c I was away last weekend, and b/c CFS. But at least there was a nicer view from my window for a bit? Despite getting about 2ft in my area, the henge-shape of my co-op's buildings can cause weird snow drifts. So I could look down from my floor and still see grass in the little park thing in the middle. Not to mention it was hard to see anything due to wind + buildings causing a snowglobe effect all day.

And it was still too warm in my apartment. *sigh*

All of the storm-related anxiety around me was annoying tho, I have a bad way of absorbing that kind of thing even if I don't agree with or share it. But it was nice that the subways home on Friday were so empty?

Spent the weekend sewing (sweaters, and I refuse to feel guilty about that fabric purchase :-P), getting back on track with my usual weekend chores, and watching cartoons. Most of what I know about various comic book universes comes from watching the cartoons and then looking for more backstories via wikipedia. But all of the DCU cartoons seem to be coming down on 2/1 (which is why I had to finish JLU), maybe to try and make us watch the bad movie they're putting out instead, blegh.

Completed 3 of 4 sweaters so far, the 4th's fabric was more translucent than advertised, so it's going to be a larger sweater that gets paired with camis. The three smaller ones are all done, and the embossed velvet worked great. The purple with leopard spots was a bit less stretchy, but still OK. And I think I've also got the hang of neck binding/collars for knits, w00t.

The real problem with snow for me will be this week, as nobody in the village except my employer seems to shovel out their walkways, even if my employer is also technically their landlord. So later this week I need to return the ill-fitting boots to Macys and then pick up something better with the store credit. Docs were never good on snow/ice (ok on wet surfaces tho), so I might finally go for Timberlands. Hopefully they make them in black. Will go to the mens department if I have to :-P

My $$ books are a bit extra weird this month. I needed to transfer extra out of savings to cover bills, but I'm technically underbudget in spending. Might need to go back and make sure I deducted enough from savings last month to cover alread-saved-for thingies like fabric. Tho my accounting from Arisia is also really confusing me for about the same reason (underbudget, but overbilled? what?). I might just be bad at math this week.

Next month will be a lot less complicated $$ wise- no need to buy fabric or bead stuff, no cons, etc. Just my usual Boston trip. And I've decided to buy myself a treat with a $$ limit if I'm underbudget by a certain margin, and try to make that a regular thing to see if I can treat myself without spiraling into a full shopping binge.

This will probably be the last weekend I can get away with not doing any homework (spaced out and forgot, whups). Starting in February I'll have one assignment due every week, so best to work on those during the weekend. Found out from the prof I had last semester that he did put down a final grade for my transcript (A, woot) but unfortunately its not showing up in the whole system. And he didn't give grades/comments for the individual projects b/c he was going to do that later. Well... its later? And maybe this semester I won't wait until the last minute to do most of my assignments :-/ It just feels very overwhelming, even after last semester wasn't so bad.

Arisia gave me new drive to work on my podcast again, so... maybe this time it'll last? Writing is free, luckily, unlike sewing. Will try to finish up the last of the cut-out sewing projects next weekend (when not homeworking :-P), and then leave the fabric stash alone for a few months. Then I will make myself go out with ppl a bit more, and otherwise work on creative writing. It would be nice to finally get this project off the ground now, so if it fails miserably I can doubledown on being a growup, getting my degree and trying for a better paid but still boring library job.

And b/c everyone else in the Domain is going to Dreamation or something, the local NYC larp got moved to the fourth weekend when I'll already be in Boston for MES. *shrugs* Maybe I can get this geeky project off the ground during my two month vacation from the local game?

It continues to annoy me that I have plenty of time in which to work on both school and creative projects, but CFS means I'm too tired. If I remember to work on things I'm too spaced out to concentrate. But I'm seeing a sleep-doc next month, along with some other docs, so maybe something will work? The adrenal-testers cashed the check, so maybe someday I'll get those test results too. My thyroid is on the low side but still in normal ranges (for other ppl), Ima ask my PCP if he can do *something* to treat that anyway if other docs can't help so much.

<3 Chrysilla
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