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So I've lost about 8ish lbs off my average weight since early February, which *might* indicate that the no-dairy rule on my current diet plan is helping deflate some inflammation.

From now on, I'd rather not use the term Paleo b/c it annoys me. It is now the Inflammation Diet. The "My Insides Are On Fire Diet" was too long and the initialism was clunky. MIAOFD? Meh.

On top of that, my face-skin had cleared up considerably over the last month, tho this week things are getting a bit weird again. Might have acne coming back on mah face, and having break outs in weird (but PG) skin areas. Like the front of my thigh, or my shoulder. Last time I had a symptom like this (although it was much worse, weirder, and widespread that time) it *might* have been due to my body trying to flush 'toxins' or whatever particulates it didn't want anymore, and for whatever reason had to do it thru my skin instead of other systems.

This noticeably started up a few days after I started taking L-Lysine. And a couple days later, I switched back from Mg citrate to Mg glycinate, which is supposedly easier for the body to absorb and utilize ("bioavailibility"), and in like form is more expensive and harder to find :-P

For the last few weekends I've gone from walking-coma to almost-actual-coma, sleeping way more than usual for my recharge-time and getting very little fun/creative stuff done at home after work or on weekends. Even when I remember to eat a normal amount of noms, which was the other supposed culprit. Now the main suspicion is that I'm be in EBV "die-off" mode, which I didn't think was a thing for viruses b/c they're not technically alive, but fringe-health-internet firmly believes in them. *shrugs* But another symptom of that is weird skin reactions as the body tries to flush out the extra stuff.

However, my digestive system seems thus far unperturbed by all of this, which is weird. B/c that system is usually very easily perturbed for me.

This week I need to get my supplements list together, b/c hopefully Ima see my psychiatrist next Monday. Unfortunately he hasn't been responding to any of my pharmacist's phonecalls about one of my Rx's, which doesn't directly worry me b/c I have enough to last, but I am worried that if he's not responding to anyone's calls then something weird must have happened, and he might not have gotten my message about LDN to begin with. After a friend told me more about her experiences with it, I would really really like to try it. After starting LDN the week after the last US elections she went from nightly anxiety attacks to three attacks since that month. And still fewer side effects than going on antivirals (ick).

While I've still been feeling better slight-fever wise due to acupuncture, it hasn't helped much with the energy levels thus far this month. I'm not sure how long die-off problems last, but I hope my body can go back to functional soon. I don't remember this happening when I first quit wheat and then gradually went Paleo, but maybe the EBV wasn't in active-mode that summer? Or maybe I just hadn't had it for as long (obv).

Sleep is still f'ed, but not sure if that's due to bodily weird or Impending Spring Syndrome. Very annoying tho. Impending Spring Syndrome has also encouraged me to buy new makeup, and make new clothes, but then the latter actions are stymied by Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which claims it was here first. *sigh*

Current plans, try to settle down my accursed FOMO, get more sleep, take more epsom salt baths for skin weirdness (you finally cleaned the darn tub, now f'ing use it pls). The whole city + dayjob will be shut down on Tuesday b/c snow (french toast alert level at 4), and would like to do some sewing for a project, but will settle for more coma-time.

Not sure if I'll be running my tabletop game this month, or going to the MES NYC Feature Game this weekend, b/c apparently I need my weekends for coma time this month :-P Not sure if I should call it now, or wait until the last minute.

<3 Chrysilla
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