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Feeling remarkably better today than I have in weeks. The temperature only seemed hit 80, not 85, and I wonder if that's all I needed. On one hand its nice to know that I'll feel better merely when the weather changes. On the other, will I feel this yucky and whiny every summer? Eeek. At least I can keep saying no to my therapist when she recommends teh Zoloft. She's not convinced that it's the weather, but for the most part I am.

Somehow, Pagan Pride Day and the Cloisters Medieval Faire are on my mind (both usually late September, early October). I don't notice the 'autumn echo' like other people are, but maybe its hit me on a subconscious level. Am tempted to sit in the park and read for a while after work, to avoid rush hour.

Lots of weird & vibrant dreams for the last few days. I'm not always getting to bed ontime, which isn't so odd for me, but I'm barely able to drag myself out of bed in the morning. I don't often sleep thru my alarms, so this is weird.


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As a rule, I don't like my hobbies and projects to be more stressful than my job. But my job is already really not-stressful (I am very grateful about that, omg), so its a rather low bar to begin with. No wonder I burnt out?

Other than that, no huge epiphanies or anything. Just enjoying the quiet and lack of pressure. And shipping for Geordie/Data as I watch TNG on Neflix instant ;-)

<3 Chrysilla

EDIT: No sooner did I post that I got notice the 4 week improv class on Saturdays was cancelled. On one hand DAMMIT (I've wanted to take the Slacker class for over a year), on the other its one less thing to worry about. Not sure if I'll take a refund, or re-enroll in a different elective.
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Wrote this up on Tumblr days ago, because LJ was down and I needed a brain-outlet.

Still trying to figure out and balance my social life, so looking at it doesn’t make me too tired to do anything but watch Neflix. Came to a few conclusions, and some "Oh... duh!" points.

Much as I miss my old friends from college and larp days who still live in NYC, I really don’t do many things in common with them anymore. Except for the handful that write regularly and/or attend the local SF book appreciation gatherings. I used to feel guilty about not seeing them as often, until I realized I wasn’t *in* larp or college anymore, and neither are most of them. I don’t think anybody holds it against me that I’m doing stuff (or feeling yucky every other weekend). And I need to be doing stuff or I get cranky.

For a while I was holding back on teh improv b/c I was trying to keep ties with old friends out of a sense of guilt. But really… not many of my older, non-improv friend do stuff. Or they do stuff, but way out in parts of NYC that are annoying to commute home from late at nite. Or they are busy with work and SO’s and families. It seems like enough to see them on Facebook and Twitter while I’m at work (along with all of my non-NYC friends), or at b'day parties and such. With the eternal open invite to tag along to whatever I’m going to see for free/cheap.

Was also holding back because of some negative experiences in other social circles, where I learned to not trust groups or individuals too readily. Will take a more active stance in getting the hell over that.

Now if I could just stop feeling icky every other weekend, I could go to more of my friends’ birthday parties from all the social circles, between improv days. *grumbles*

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