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Jan. 9th, 2012 03:24 pm
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I definitely had this prompt in mind last week, but was lazy about updating. I mean... relaxed, not lazy. Also, stomach aches and nosebleeds. Eeek.

NYNY: Relax, Don't Do It.

While I was on winter break I was sick, so all I had to play with for 1.5 weeks was the interwebs. And through the interwebs I learned to stop hating on teh Steampunks.

Ultimately, I was there at SalonCon when the people who decided to try and launch SP as the next big thing all met and started their campaign. I was at gear-studded-goggles ground zero. And I already liked the Neo Victorian movement before it got all airships and sky captains.

But then a guy jerked around my heartstrings,he became a popular author on the scene, and then jerked another friend of mine around, and I just couldn't get away from him without avoiding SP all together. Furthermore, while many of my friends still did interesting things with the aesthetic, it also turned into a uniform for most participants. It got samey & I lost interest.

But with all the fun things I'm seeing, and coming to terms with the fact that it doesn't seem like its ever going away, I have gotten over my hater ways. Its like a Ren Faire, but a different pretend-historical era. And there is no strict SP genre of music so the bands encompass some variety. Abney Park sounds like a Ren Faire band with electronic instruments, and I would have listened to them much sooner if someone had explained it to me in that way.

However, I am a strong supporter of SP in other colors than brown and white. And that's what I'm going to play with.

Coupled with my interest in returning to con-slut-ness, this meant I needed some new garb. None of my big fancy garb pieces fit me anymore (corsets, old dresses, some of which were worn to rags anyway). But I'm off pattern-sewing and not even that great at it so far. Decided that sometime before SWF I would order one really nice piece as a general costume base. I still have bits and pieces that go together nicely for less-fancy looks. So it was a plan to keep an eye out long-term for anything I wanted to save up cash to pick up.

Until I thought, "Wouldn't Babylon 5 costumes look so awesome when SP'ed? I could go as Delenn!" and compulsive costume shopping began in earnest. Whups. But I found a site with a quite suitable dress for sale, a new years coupon code for the other piece, AND I still had Xmas $$ leftover from the Macy's trip, so the damage isn't as bad as it could have been. Ordered the Corrina dress in plum, and this fichu in what I hope is a teal, but light green should be OK. Big purple dress? Yes pls. I have (raggedy) skirts that will function as crinolines, and know of the pillow-as-bustle trick.

And y'know, SWF will be my birthday too (5/19). I wanna go fancy for my b'day, I am QotCP afterall. I could also wear it for Wicked Faire if it arrives in time, and if it isn't too fussy to wear behind the jewelry table with a Dusk-puppet.

I also went to Necromantic this Saturday, a goth/wave night at the Bowery Poetry Club, to dance around in my newly rediscovered energy reserves. After about an hour of not-too-hard dancing I got super dizzy and had to sit it out. And then go home b/c the dizziness wasn't going away. I was drinking water the whole time, and finished my daily dose of calories before going out that nite, but maybe that wasn't enough calories for dancing. Or my body wants to be eased into exercise after not being at all active since August. Whups. I was very crabby about leaving as the music got more and more wonderful.

<3 Chrysilla

Date: 1/12/12 11:40 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] corvaxgirl
Steampunk and I def have a love/hate relationship so I can def relate to your mixed feelings. . .esp when exes get involved.

It's good that you made it to the club! That's honestly more than half the battle.

(and completely unrelatedly, if you ever want to share a table at a Jersey event, pop me an email, we do different things that I think would still look nice together if that makes sense ;p)

Date: 1/17/12 03:57 pm (UTC)
corvaxgirl: (Default)
From: [personal profile] corvaxgirl
Cons and weirdo events. I do regular craft shows but I have stuff that can "pass" either way :) I'd like to do more con and weirdo events.

I sell yarn, dream ambassadors in all different colors (the little felted sheep), magic oriented oils, goddess dollies (if I ever get to making them!), felted soaps and terrariums.

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