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Kinda continued with having an off week after last posting. Too tired to go out all last week, but then too spacey to get to bed on time, so I continued being too tired. Ugh. I slept a full 8 hours last night, but then the brainfog rolled back in suddenly, so I don't know what's going on right now. Ugh.

Spent the weekend inside, since next weekend will be super busy, and mostly focused on crafty stuff but didn't finish any projects. Tho the polymer clay work itself for my Lost costume is all done, I just have to assemble and attach what's been baked, painted, and glazed, and I didn't have to buy any extra materials. Its not perfect, but I'm OK with it. And I'm thinking of doing (very different) polymer clay stuff for holiday gifts this year.

That was Sunday, Saturday I cut out the two black corduroy projects, plus the lining for the jacket, so I could start sewing them after work. Tho that won't be until next week, b/c Sunday night I forgot to do the laundry. Whups. And I still haven't hemmed the lace dress for this weekend, double whups.

Actually, I did finish one thing, the Nevermore dress. Finally replaced all the buttons, it just took me a few mins to remember what I was doing Friday night when I felt a tiny bit more energetic. And yay, finished in time for the season. Will probly wear it to go out on Wednesday. Only took me six months :-P But technically its a Thing, so that total is up to 5. W00t.

Saturday I also got kinda cranky about a gaming thing. It *is* an annoying thing, but I think I got more cranky than the situation warranted. Then I looked at the calender and realized, "Oh, hormones." Several cranky online posts were deleted from the internets from embarrassment, I really wish my body could stop making my brain unpleasant to others. It only means less ppl want to game with me later. Luckily it's more an out-of-town problem than a local domain problem, so no frustrations with the games happening this weekend yay. Plenty to do! And catch up on via email beforehand, so I hope the brainfog clears soon.

And in another out-of-town-gaming matter, definitely sad I wasn't in Boston for game last weekend. Even tho I know it would have f'ed me up health wise. So definitely going back in November :-) It would be very convenient (for me) if their December game was during my super long winter break, but I don't know what's up with that, its not my Domain. I'll be doing Arisia in January instead, so otherwise I may not be out to their game again until February or March :-( Also, not sure how the super snowy winter will mess up my Boston trips.

Tonight I really have to get the laundry done, because yikes. Also, I have guests staying over for the MES weekend, so I'll need the air-dry stuff to be dried and put away before they come in. And Wednesday and Thursday I have doctor stuffs, but Wednesday I also have dinner plans with a friend, so yay. Friday is game, and I'm not sure if I have one houseguest coming in for Friday nite, and another for Saturday, or if they're both staying Friday nite. So could be crowded but I am prepared. And then Saturday is moar game, so w00t. Better not stay up too late on Friday, whatever the situation.

Will do my damndest to get to bed on time all this week. I did it last night, can do it again. I just have to be more strict about no- Facebook or Youtube when I'm home. They just suck me in, I space out, and suddenly I'm going to bed an hour late. And I did mostly manage to keep my sleep schedule this weekend. Well, on Friday, despite late evening chocolate.

There might be a Samhain ritual at an occult shop in Brooklyn next weekend, and its well recommended by an old friend from the Enchantments days, so I might look into that. This weekend is just too cray, and I already consider Samhain more of a season than a specific day. In folklore it was a 9 day festival, but I don't know when that fest started in relation to what is now 10/31. *shrugs*

And crossing my fingers that I'm NOT getting sick again. Oh for F@#$s sake...

<3 Chrysilla
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