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Have had the soul-flu for most of the month. And my stomach's been extra weird in new ways. Winter usually wakes me up a bit, b/c cold doesn't break my brain the way summer humidity does, but I was already burnt out so there isn't much to bounce back on. I've decided to not feel bad or guilty at all for spending most weekends home alone sewing and stash busting, but at least I've had a few outings. Dinner out with friends, and some other friends stopped by my house for BPAL and geeking out, yay. I've been remembering to *read* my dayplanner as much as I write in it, so that's awesome.

MES weekend was fun earlier this month, and my new Accord costume bits worked out OK, but I think in general the Friday and Saturday nite games will work out better for my energy levels, and picking up out of town guests, etc. And it means one less dinner to buy between the Saturday games. But I was less crashed out than usual on Sunday, yay. In Accord we wrapped up some wolfie plot, so my lil goth wolfie PC can chill out for a few months in downtimes, and playing thru various IRC games. Barely had anything to do at the downtimes meetup this month, wuz kinda awesome. And I still didn't feel awake enough to be truly effective in Requiem, so will see how next month's combo goes.

I've been toying with the idea of going to the MES National convention, but while there is actually Cris-safe food in the area around the hotel, Roanoke is just too expensive to get to via plane. I just won't have enough in my 'other cons' savings account to cover it all. Dexcon is still failing on food though (is the same weekend, around July 4th) so I'm thinking that this year I might just not do any more cons aside from DCon, and build up a bigger $$ pillow in that account for now. On the other hand, I might stop going to DCon every year, will see. Much room to edit and try stuff out.

As for the continuing Sewing Sagas, I got a bunch of blouse tops made from leftover linen, but haven't photographed them yet. The bust still didn't work right, so I actually started editing and re-tracing pattern pieces until it did. So that was fun fabric nerding.

I've started working out what exactly I want to work on in 2015, based on the few gaps left in my warddrobe, and with a focus on off-season sewing. And I spreadsheeted it. Definitely need more long-sleeved knit shirts and sweaters for next winter, like OMG. Would also like a couple of maxi skirts, a couple of the knee length skirts I like in a couple colors of linen I don't have, and a purple hoodie.

Also a few Vintage Vogue patterns in linen, one as an improvement on an earlier attempt, the other as a partial mock-up for a super floofy dress I want to make one day (originally for National, which I'm not doing now, so no rush). Each one will have a bodice made from linen leftovers, with a plain black linen circle skirt from another pattern. Today black linen is on sale, but only 15% off, but its hard to wait on a 20-35% sale indefinitely. I might get the linen for those two projects, and then wait on getting some for a maxi skirt until I try that pattern with the blue linen I just got today (its actually the knee length skirt, but view C rather than B). I think I have a linen problem :-P Also getting a bit bored with the leftovers-blouse pattern I perfected so lets try something different. One will definitely be Marguerite fodder ;-) But both are circle skirts, so its still a lot of fabric.

I also still have a blue satin halter top that's meant to be part of a dress, made as a bodice muslin and doesn't work well as a top by itself, so eventually I'll pick up some cheap black taffeta to go with it.

Trying to figure out whether or not to do new costumes for DCon, ironically a couple of them would be linen. But pricing is prohibitive even if I wait for flash sales. Plenty of time to think about it tho, and at least I have the patterns and plans laid out on spreadsheets in case I go for it. I may get fabric for one of them as a b'day present to myself if one hasn't gone on sale by May.

The plan for this year was to make more 'icing' than 'cake' with my sewing machine, and cosplay would certainly count as icing. But ... linen skirts. Luv linen. Can't stop. *pout* But the list is helping, and oddly enough checking the linen website every day for flash sales is helping me see how my shopping-impulse works, so I'm learning to diffuse it when necessary. Well, with fabric at least. But its really hard to budget around a business that focuses on daily flash sales :-P Doing pretty well at sticking to my list tho, and not being tempted by random new things.

Went thru my fabric stash last weekend and entered it all into its own spreadsheet. On the upside, it helped show me I have plenty of knits to make sweater-muslins with, without having to swatch/purchase more fabric in the next couple of months. Yay! And possibly not at all if the muslins come out nice.

In fact, I have plenty of fabric for plenty of projects, 2015 list and linen compulsion notwithstanding. Fabric scraps that are too small for pattern stuff now go into a laundry basket, and will get turned into lots of little bags of varying degrees of complexity. I also put a bunch of old potential-refashions into the donation bin downstairs, b/c I'm just never going to. Especially the jeans. They were all different weights of denim anyway, it wouldn't have worked out as a jacket.

Realized that I don't really wear the two heavier skirts I have (one corduroy, one velveteen, both black), so making another one in blue corduroy would be kinda silly. So for now I'm going to leave that ton of blue cord uncut, hopefully perfect my jacket/blazer techniques on some ugly stash fabric, and then make a jacket and a blazer in the same color. Tho I guess if we have a cold springtime I might change my mind and make that third skirt anyway, *shrugs*. Fabric is limitless until its cut up.

Went over financial stuff for the month last night, will pay my bills tonight b/c I'll be away this weekend. While I suck less than the last few months I'm still not very good at not overspending. So in March Ima put off my BPAL order until the end in case I didn't spend all my $$ on linen. Or I might just pointedly forget that I have a shopping list for Lupers, since I have so much perfume already, and put that $$ back into savings. My Autumn BPALS, and one of two Yules, are already quite nice now that they're here. I continue to suck at refilling my emergency fund but at least now its automated.

Changed up the spending-tracker portion of my spreadsheet a little bit, splitting the 'other' column into "stuff" and "experiences". Am hoping to have less of the first and more of the second by the end of the year. And I can't afford the second if I blow all my $$ on the first, durh.

Although, I won't have that much time for sewing if I do end up going to grad school this summer. I've talked to the Palmer admissions councilor lady about a few things, still have to talk to my parents, but I'm just about done with waiting for my health problems to clear up before I go for my MLS.

And looking around the job market, there's really nothing else my work experience will net me but more library stuff, BUT I can't go further in library stuff without an MLS. Its rather ridiculous, all job requirements seem to be high school diploma *or* MLS, my BA is all together pointless. But for a variety of reasons, I really don't like my job anymore, and its time to move on. So it'll be time plus a couple years before I get to, but we'll see.

Also, self-motivated creative projects really haven't been working out for me, so maybe I would do better in a classroom environment? With someone else pestering me about work and deadlines. Plus plenty of downtime at work for homework, yay? My therapist thinks it could do very well to break me out of my brain-fog rut, which is what I'm hoping for. And Palmer does some online classes now, which I'm not thrilled about as a concept, but on the other hand possibly a good thing for a spoonie.

Not to mention the cataloging side of library science is a lot more interesting now than it was when I took those unmatriculated classes (which sadly expired after 5 years, so I have to do intro again). And it costs more than it did back then, but there's still an NYU discount at least.

Current plan is to start in the summer, but depending on available courses I might wait until the fall, tho admission is rolling so I should start the applications now. No intro classes offered over the summer, but I'd be eligible for some of the electives, and its not like I'm entirely new to library stuff.

Pls deliver me from the circ desk, grad school gods, I am so tired of being coughed on ALL THE TIME. -_-

I've been fighting off some kind of nose/throat ick for a couple of weeks, not sure if it's an illness or just the heating system at work being mean to my sinuses. Its barely there at home, where I have a humidifier chugging away. Tho last weekend I just had zero energy. Several sewing projects already cut out, and just couldn't work on anything. All I could do was crash out on the couch and watch tv, with a few breaks for vital chores. Dumb soul flu :-P Tho I think I made it worse by downloading another Birthday Massacre album that was missing from my collection. Ooops.

Looking forward to going to the Boston MES games this weekend, to see friends, "to Marguerite" in Requiem, and to deal with varying levels of exquisite angst and awkward in Accord, lol. Poor lil goth wolfie. On the other hand, watching the weather reports very closely in case things are going to get cancelled, either the trains or the games. But it looks good so far :-) And this will probably be my last chance to dress up as Nav in live-action rp for a few months.

<3 Chrysilla

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