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I've been recovering surprisingly well from DCon this week. Despite con itself, starting the new earlier work schedule, and getting my pest-control-anxiety triggered. Well, the third might be why I'm groggier today than I had been, so meh.

Ordered some online fripperies since I've been home. A teefury shirt to replace one nightshirt that is falling apart (two of those noted so far, will check again after doing the laundry this weekend), and a nightie from the gap b/c i had soon-to-expire store credit + a 30% off coupon. I strongly resisted buying 'daytime' clothes from the gap, as I have plenty. I made myself go and look in the shirts drawer to confirm it. I actually tried shopping at the meatspace gap store first, near work, but that location didn't have any of the new fall items/colors that I actually wanted. Meh.

Also ordered some makeup from Honeybee Gardens- the lipstick that was out of stock in August, and also some powder foundation and pink/natural (and on sale) eyeshadows, b/c of how really not-good my skin looked in costume photos from last weekend. Not so much in a breakouts way, but general uneven skin tone and dark eye circles. That costume would have looked better with pink eye makeup too, whups, but only had browns/golds left after the gluten purge. And I hadn't realized the eyeshadow brush I brought with me was so not-fluffy, so my makeup ended up very streaky and unblended. But I think I have some old, unused makeup brushes to look thru, np.

I now actually understand that bugs could get into my apartment from the outside, so I also need to order a draft-blocker for the balcony door. Conveniently also blocks giant bugs, usually. I'd already blocked off the other sides of both doors with the sealing-strips I ordered from Home Depot after the last incursion, and I have a 'door sock' for the front door, but when I saw the gap at the back door I was all "Naw, I'm sure they don't get in that way from 14 stories up." Despite warnings from friends. Whups. Bad Chrysilla.

They didn't have the ones I like at a local store, so I'll have to order them online. And amazon is being cranky when I try to use it at home. Won't update my wish lists *or* place orders. It's fine from work, so I don't know what's going on.

I was thinking of doing another FMG order this month, but now Ima see if I can put it on hold until October. That's also the next NYWBS, which I'm not sure I want to attend, but at least I can work out all-together how much I want to spend on supplies. And I already have plenty of supplies, much of which haven't been used since I bought them at March's NYWBS. Am running low on the supplies I need for my travel-kit projects, and I think I can stretch those out until October.

I also still have a costume project to finish by early November, and the Doom Coat before that since its already cut out (am now regretting my chosen project-order a bit), so I'm not focusing on jewelry right nao. On the other hand, would like to see how my 1-hour-limits can be applied to polymer clay work sometime soon.

Already put down a deposit on a Westin room for next year's DCon, since I had the cash for it in my con-savings account. And I planned it that way. Also, I may be addicted to DCon, despite the fact that I was only completely functional for one day out of five :-/

Will keep an eye out for the overflow hotels, but as next year's "steampunk" themed costume may be ... big... it would be nice not to have to go outside to get to the steam-parties to show it off. I may also need to make a dress-form for it, and I understand the theory behind making one out of ducttape, and a couple people willing to help. There will also be a bustle, but whether I buy a proper one or try to make one myself remains to be seen. Also, I'm still sticking to not buying fabric until 2014. *puts foot down*

I think I did OK with once-a-month shopping at CostCon in August, so will try that again this month. And have two weeks of sausage lunches, and two weeks of something-more-interesting-but-complicated proteins. And now that I can use my oven without suffocating again, I can get more bacon! Yay! I'm stocked on berries, but would still like to see if there's any freezable late-summer fruit to pick up while I'm there. And then I won't have to buy more fruit for months at the rate I'm not-making smoothies. Whups. I think cleaning the blender just became too annoying, I hope to break that brain-habit this weekend.

Might try going to the big store after work tonight, since I get out at 5 now, but it depends on how many spoons I have left. I'm also going to try and get a door-sock at Kmart first, and some slippers, b/c I miss having slippers that I can put insoles in. Tho my feet have been less achey than usual the last few weeks, and certainly recovered faster from con than expected. Tho I'm groggy again today.

I am seeing news in the lives of some old-demons that is making me kinda cranky. I am hoping to use this crankiness to propel me into greater awesome, rather than make passive aggressive statements on FB (well, aside from this one). At least until I crashed today, darnit.

As I think I mentioned before, it was also annoying not to have any finished projects to tell ppl about at DCon. Now some part of my brain is all "BUT WE ONLY HAVE A YEAR TO FINISH THESE AWESOME IDEAS!!!" *sigh*

Overall, I think I'm going to take my tarot-forecast's suggestions and not push myself to work on these ideas until October. Just enjoy some slow, languid sewing, maybe put more jewelry blog posts up. Chill out and enjoy the autumn power-up without burning myself out :-P. And I have been feeling it, today has just been weird. B/c BUGS. ARGH.

And as for other cons, I'm now 99% sure I'm going to Arisia in 2014, and that will be my con for winter. I figured getting one in quarterly would spread out spoons and monies pretty well. Spring is undecided, summer is obv DCon, autumn will probably be PhilCon *next* year, since this November I have a "Wedding Con" ;-)

This weekend I'll buy an Arisia membership, then see if my trusted associate and I can score a room when the blocks open on 9/10. Tho I'll need to ask ppl if we need to get there on Thursday, or if Friday doesn't really start until sundown. Then maybe I can shave a day off room costs. Tho it would also be nice to have a full night of sleep between travel & con.

Train tickets could be anywhere from $100 to $300 round trip, and I don't really see a difference in trip quality as explained on Amtrak's website (length, time of day, wifi, etc), so I'd rather book all-the-things sooner than later to get cheaper train tix. Tho I guess I could also just book the train first, I don't think this is the sort of con that sells out all its rooms in 15 mins?

And this weekend some friends are planning to stop by the chantry to pick up and drop off various items of import, and hopefully hang out for a bit. This seems like an excellent excuse to bake brownies and do some extra cleaning. And re-do the balcony curtains, but this time with velcro instead of epoxy :-P All the more reason to hit Costco tonite so I can stay in all day Saturday. And a fantastic excuse to put off the laundry until after they visit :-)

<3 Chrysilla

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