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Spent the weekend very stressed out about a neighbor situation, I think my body retaliated by not letting me sleep properly, so today there's extra brainfog and an odd kind of ... sensory overload. Sounds are too loud, lights too bright. My tummy was cranky this morning, but got better, and that's all normal for me.

But this time stress meant sewing, so instead of just working on the unfinished projects I cut two new ones, then finished one of each set. Pretty much the new things I needed for Arisia.

I started the dress for the Chronic Illness Cat costume a bit before new years, and spent most of NYE cutting it out. I think I've had the fabric since September, since originally it was supposed to be a Halloween costume. But I think it will be better received at Arisia anyway.

Four shades of blue linen + pattern. One was leftovers from a project, the other three from I think the darkest blue was bleeding out on my fingers while I worked on the sewing, hopefully it washes without too much trouble.

So. Many. Panels. But using a relatively small yardage of fabric for each made the cutting-out stage a lot more manageable. W00t. And this was how I spent NYE, while listening to the Good Omens adaptation on BBC Radio 4. No regrets!

Finished! Pretty cute, very full skirt as I expected, but way looser around the bust and upper torso. That happens on some other pieces too, but I'm not sure if that means I need to figure out at small-bust adjustment, or how to fix the gap around the upper back, or what. I could also just bring this down to a size 16, since the skirt is so full. If I wanted to do it with knits, I'd have to make it even smaller. Right now its big enough to get on and off without undoing the zipper, whups.

For hemming the skirt, I think I used instructions from a tutorial I can't find now. Whups. Used a wide stitch 1" from the edge, then steam-ironed a fold along that stitch line, next steam ironed a second half-fold under, then used a normal stitch over the folded up hem. Steam + linen = awesome, did not have to use (or melt, b/c iron) any pins.

Its pattern M6504, a mix of the multi panels of view A + the high-low skirt of view D. I forgot to lengthen the skirt side of the panels after bringing the waist up 1.5 inches (my usual adjust), but it doesn't seem to have hurt anything. Tho I also haven't worn it out yet. For con, will probably wear it with leggings, and maybe wear a blue tanktop underneath if I feel a bit exposed.

Pattern review dot com cited the bustline was too low, I didn't get that problem at all. The facings were a bit of a pain, but much less than having to line the entire dress. I'd like to try it again, in knits, or maybe in another light woven like MOAR LINEN.

This was the more sudden decision, as I awaited my delivery of new fabrics this week. The skirt is about half of the new onyx knit I ordered NYE in a fit of boredom/postanxietyfallout, but while the top is the same kind of pleather it's actually from my leftovers rather than the new stash. A lot of pieces I've seen lately mix pleather with plain black fabric, so played with that idea in good old B5632. Will be wearing this to Cam/Anarch with the newish corduroy jacket I wear to work, or maybe that brown velvet jacket I rarely wear. Could probably work for a Requiem costume with a different jacket/wrap on top.

These knits were easier to work with than the leopard knit I did last time. I lengthened the skirt rectangles by about 8 inches and left off the bottom ruffle, so it looks a bit more srs bzns. The top is always a bit fussy, but the skirt is just two big rectangles. Didn't bother hemming the skirt, will worry about that if it starts curling or unraveling, *shrugs*. Yay knits!

I might try doing something like this again, as that Simplicity tanktop I like, but with more width to the pleather part. B/c I really like this fabric. I haven't tried that top with knits yet, tho, will be interesting. That's another good one for leftovers.

Also cut out one of the cardis I want to make, red flannel in that bell sleeved B4989 I like so much, without expecting to finish it over the weekend. This way I have something to pick up and work on if I have time this week, although I almost definitely won't have time until next week. Hopefully that flannel doesn't unravel easily :-/

Still have that black corduroy skirt to hem, too. And soon I'll cut a skirt out of the blue corduroy, but not the jacket for now. Did both at once with the black corduroy, and not sure I want a second jacket like that. I also think I can get thru more stash if I focus on simpler projects for a while. A couple more of B4989, several tank top blouses made from linen leftovers, and especially the knit projects I have lined up. Yay, no ironing.

In other news, Arisia is next weekend, yaaaaay! And I get to take a train instead of a bus to Boston, YAAAAAAY!!!!!

I'm building a Giovanni for the MES Cam/Anarch game, and the players are almost suspiciously friendly and excited for new blood. But ... they're Giovanni, so I guess that makes sense? The clanbook is a lot of fun so far, but I still need to put all my stuff in the DB before I go. Hopefully tonite. And look over the rest of the Arisia schedule and figure out what I'm doing and when I'm costuming. Might just bring these two 'costume' dresses with me, and do warm/casual for the rest of the weekend, b/c it will be cold and I'm not at the host hotel. Although a lot of my costume stuff *is* velvet... hmmm...

Until then, there's an IRC game I want to play tomorrow, and MES downtimes meetup Wednesday. Will probably bake brownies on Thursday, and so far eating almond-butter baked goods hasn't hurt me, so yay for bringing +10 Brownies to con.

Will deal with the kindof awful real world stuff, and all the sewing, when I get back :-P

<3 Chrysilla

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