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Wondering if quitting my dayjob for a lower paying work-from home thing (creative + patreon, or freelance research etc) would be better or worse in the long run.

Given research about EBV without a doctor's guidance thus far (urgh), it seems largely the virus gets reactivated by stress. But ... how much stress? One really bad day? A sinus infection? A constant low drone of stress? Furthermore, many people seem to do better at managing it (or curing, according to some anecdotal accounts, meh) on various clean/elimination diets plus daily vitamin supplements and/or occasional vitamin megadoses during active-virus time. And none of that is ever covered by insurance. So... if I quit my dayjob, would I need less expensive healthcare? Or would it only help for a short while, like with everything else I've ever tried, and the virus will just reactivate itself again for no clear reason?

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So... very much a gamble. Could pay off, might blow up in my face.

What I really want right now is to just get an EBV *reprieve*, even if just for a few months to a year. Then I can get my creative stuff off the ground and see whether or not I even *could* make enough $$ from it to quit my dayjob, and then I can make a plan to move from one to the other a bit less jarringly. Or the +ment bonus from having those projects work out could sustain me enough for the dayjob.

I think most ppl who would tell me to quit my job without much forethought probably have waaaay more health privelidge than I do. Meh.

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My attempt at unf#$%ing my life is already running into some road blocks, but I think I just need to stick to my guns. Sho only *one* literary event this week (of two), and it'll be the one tomorrow. Right now I just want scrambled eggs with hot sauce, followed by naps.

Monday nights are just so tricky to deal with. I don't get out of work until 9:30pm, the trains are slower (or almost shut down like for last week's weird late nite construction), and any icky weather that happened after normal closing-time hasn't been cleaned up (also like last week). By the time I get home its usually 10:30-11pm or later, and I need to eat something b/c I can't sleep hungry. But if I eat something that's too complex, too close to bed time, I wake up with a stomach ache. And b/c I'm strung out and tired, its easy to get distracted from bed-time. If I manage to get into bed by midnight, I can get a bit less than 8 hours, but that's usually not the case. I got 10 hours Sunday night, but I'm not sure if this will help noticeably in week 1.

Tuesday nights are also a bit cramped time-wise, b/c I get out of work from the slightly-later shift of 6pm, and then have to be up for the earliest shift the next morning. And if I didn't get enough sleep on Monday, all bets are off. And losing track of one's resolutions early in the work week can spell "Whups" later on. Luckily I've written them all on the internet this time?

I've also had a weird muscle spasm in the base of my thumb for two days. No idea why. What new bs will I have to deal with now, body? And I've been super forgetful so far, but that could be normal now. At least I have acupuncture this week. And I cancelled my appointment with the sleep doc, so that's a nice subtraction from my drama totals this week. Tho now I need a new sleep doc.

As for recent accomplishments ... meh. A weekend. )

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Y'know, the cold weather doesn't bother me so much as ALL THE COUGHING I have to hear every day at work. So I don't so much want Spring to start as I want flu-season to end. And now *I'm* coughing, so I'm concerned one of these little jerks has made me sick for a third time in three months :-/

While cooking on Saturday, I also finally put all of my boxes of tea into a larger, clear container so I stop putting them in stacks that fall over. And I have a lot of tea. Might have to start having tea parties just to get rid of some of it.

And there's tarot for this week:Big pretty tarot cards )

I'm a bit fuzzy headed right now, but taking this reading as a good sign for my planned hermitty time. Tho the Hermit himself didn't actually show up. *shrugs* I gotta figure some stuff out. And if I get bored, make some more shiny things. And take pictures of them.

<3 Chrysilla

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