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Wondering if quitting my dayjob for a lower paying work-from home thing (creative + patreon, or freelance research etc) would be better or worse in the long run.

Given research about EBV without a doctor's guidance thus far (urgh), it seems largely the virus gets reactivated by stress. But ... how much stress? One really bad day? A sinus infection? A constant low drone of stress? Furthermore, many people seem to do better at managing it (or curing, according to some anecdotal accounts, meh) on various clean/elimination diets plus daily vitamin supplements and/or occasional vitamin megadoses during active-virus time. And none of that is ever covered by insurance. So... if I quit my dayjob, would I need less expensive healthcare? Or would it only help for a short while, like with everything else I've ever tried, and the virus will just reactivate itself again for no clear reason?

-No more stressful commuting to a job I actively dislike. (+mental health)
-No more having to go outside during Pollen OClock, which seems to coincide w my commute. (+phys health)
-Can purchase more fresh fruit/veg/noms and cook/eat it before it goes bad, instead of the frozen stuff I have to batch cook for low-energy work lunches. (+phys)
-Fresh Direct type service? Less groundpounding for noms (+spoons)
-Can just be sick when I'm sick, in my own time, without having to fill out FMLA forms. (+phys +mental)
-Can listen to my own music whenever I want without headphones (+phys, +ment)
-No more getting coughed on by dbags at work and on train, no more early morning bad perfume migraines. (+phys)
-Maybe have more energy to see people outside of the house if its on my own schedule rather than dayjob's schedule? (+social health)
-Can go goth stomping on weeknights. (+phys, +soc)
-Can work in PJs, need to own/make less (serious) clothing overall (+spoons)
-More time for artsy hobbies that supposedly/potentially pay for themselves (+fin, +ment)

-Less monies, obv. (-financial health x10)
-No more healthcare, or would have to change healthcare and probably a bunch of doctors. again. (-phys, -ment, -financial health x10)
-How much is CityMD without (relatively) fancy healthcare? (-phys, -fin)
-Do more of my own taxes w no helpful W2. (-mental, -fin)
-Left to my own devices, can I actually keep myself working without overlords? (-fin, -ment)

-The only medical practitioner that really *gets* it is my acupuncturist, and most of her sessions (after 20 copays per year) aren't covered by insurance anyway. Tho she's also the first to admit she's not a real doc, and that western medicine and medication are still *very* important even while the industry is rather evil.
-Diet & supplements aren't covered by health insurance either.
-Can go to creative-work events (cons?) without having to parse out vacation days that I need to use as sick days. -_- But... con crud? Is travel stressful? (+soc, +ment, -phys?)

And then there's the question of family support for another weird artsy child, esp when I'm usually the "responsible" one. My younger brother spent years living at their house, and they supported him being freelance lighting/sound guy for theater in NYC. Tho now he has a full time job at a related equipment warehouse in Secaucus, and contributes to the household expenses. So... would they be willing to foot the bill, or at least be my safety net, if I wanted to quit conventional employment?

Not to mention, they've been footing the bill for MLS school, but due to the inherint stress problems, plus current trends in educational policy and the library industry... I just don't want to be in this industry anymore. No full time jobs with benefits, and yet the part time adjunct positions still require *at least one* masters degree. I'd have to stay at the job I dislike even if I got the degree. I hate the thought of wasting the $$ they've already put towards it, but I also hate the thought of having them waste more.

Then again, when I got the EBV diagnosis and Mom asked me (without a tantrum) if I was going to finish out the semester I'd already registered for, it was a huge surprise. Could they surprise me again?

So... very much a gamble. Could pay off, might blow up in my face.

What I really want right now is to just get an EBV *reprieve*, even if just for a few months to a year. Then I can get my creative stuff off the ground and see whether or not I even *could* make enough $$ from it to quit my dayjob, and then I can make a plan to move from one to the other a bit less jarringly. Or the +ment bonus from having those projects work out could sustain me enough for the dayjob.

I think most ppl who would tell me to quit my job without much forethought probably have waaaay more health privelidge than I do. Meh.

<3 Chrysilla

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