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Today it's the perfect gloomy trenchcoat+boots kind of weather. So that's lifting my spirits a bit.

Mixed weekend, tho. The EBV malaise didn't hit until Sunday nite, but it settled in for a pretty awful case of the mopes. Didn't sew any of the things. Not sure I like the *taste* of the crock pot chicken tikka I spent weeks perfecting for texture. Actually didn't have the energy to take a Mg bath, b/c apparently that can happen. At least they didn't randomly shut the water off last night? So I was able to wash the dishes and take a shower without fuss :-P

On the upside, I've finally figured out how to eggvocado (scramble the eggs first, its easier), the crockpot chicken tikka did work better with breast meat than thigh. Did a bunch of billpaying and budgeting, and price comparisons of supplements. I did go thru a bunch of my fabric stash to get a better idea of wtf I even have. Found a bunch of knits I didn't realize I still had, will get turned into things. Spaced out watching OUaT and eating noodles. Got me some sleep marathons.

Overall tho, I need to simplify my cooking. The crock pot is just too annoying to schedule around, and even more annoying to wash in my tiny sink. Not to mention my inability to find/afford interesting organic meats to begin with. So Ima go back to the chicken sausages next month. 20 mins and they're done, can cook my mixed veg at the same time, and no extra gigantic pans to wash.

Thus far in my spoonie-cooking adventures, the bread machine def wins in the clean-up-aftermath category. Even if I should be cutting back on grains.

I've been wanting to binge on the comfy knit fabric I made a dress out of a few months ago and now that its back in stock it is difficult to resist. Plus pleather for accents. So looking at all the fabric I already have def helped. Along with putting my laundry away in drawers that won't close anymore :-P Was planning to do a clothes-purge in the springtime for cardigans (based on whatever I didn't wear in the winter) but now I think I'll have to cast the net wider. If I ever have the energy to clean again :-P

Turns out I have enough pleather to make a short tank dress, but its got and odd drape, so I'm not sure how that will work out over my tummy. Was hoping to make a longer skirt than the one I have, but there isn't enough. I have enough black stretch velvet for the same dress, that seems more of a sure thing. Still have plenty of linen, yikes.

Did engage in some retail therapy, since I have a gc for the craft store and they had a 60% off coupon. Ordered some quilt-batting that was already on sale (tho who knows when I'll be back on that project), and also a smaller, better lamp for my workbench. Still have some gc left over.

After paying bills I ordered some supplements for next month's budget, including "NAC" which is the latest magical EBV cure I've heard of. Its a precursor to the body's fave antioxidant called glutathione (GSH) (which just gets digested if taken itself), but while helping the liver and eliminating free radicals = good, I'm not sure how that helps chronic EBV when there's no die-off stage like with a bacterial infection, and thus not much need for detox. Tho there are also claims that it can inhibit/relieve inflammation responses, which *might* be why it sometimes helps with mental illness. But might as well try it, right? Who knows when I'll ever get to try LDN. I'm just losing faith that anything otc can cure my brainfog.

Guess I'm sticking with Amazon Prime, even if I lose the student discount for not being enrolled for a couple semesters. It seems to be paying for itself, tho the researching of individual supplements and products can be a bit overwhelming sometimes.

Not sure about scheduling game this month. Since my fatigue has 'leveled up' (and not the rest of me), I'm not sure I could get thru a weekend with running my own game, and still have energy for work the following week. Which would mean two months in a row off from game, tho. My energy levels are just too unpredictable :-(

<3 Chrysilla

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