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Recently, ran my CtD/KND tabletop game for the first time in month, yay! I was scrambling for plot, b/c I was so branfogged post-SI and nothing new was really coming up. But then I found a scrapped plot from this same month last year that I put on the backburner b/c I didn't think I had enough players for political intrigue. A year later, I know my players are pretty awesome gamers so I went with it anyway, and they seemed to like this fly-on-the-wall-of-the-malestrom puzzle-ey political plot. Also included background bits from other characters, and this is effectively what I was thinking of doing with a new CtD larp, except I never ever want to run a larp again. So edited for tabletop, I knew my players would appreciate my work and ideas more than a larp group. And tabletop is just so much BETTER for detail and fine plot-work.

One of my mainstay players is going to Europe for research grant stuff next semester (or year? I forget) so I really need to do my google-chat game experiment soon. B/c it would be sad to not have one of the founding players around anymore, and defintely the most CtD-excited of the first players. And another wayward player might drop back in if we could game online, and I could see if friends from outside NYC wanted to play too. This weekend's game has cleared the cobwebs somewhat, so now its just a matter of getting the energy and the ideas. Tho with my players, I really only need the barest plot structure and they really run with it. And I have fun improving in more stuff in as they go. B/c I'm a Geek Extrovert ;-)

And Sunday I didn't crash out at all! I was a bit brain-scattered and foggy as per usual, but I got chores done and started a couple new embroidery projects, w00t. Last time I ran game was February (I think?) and the day after was a terrible crash (I blame EBV). Another sign that things might be turning around :-)

Overall, energy levels have been very unpredictable. I was on a slow and steady incline again after 1) raising my LDN dose, and 2) getting thru the side effects of raising my LDN dose. Last night I only needed a quarter of a sleeping pill tho, and I get summer SAD which can f#$% my sleep anyway, so fingers crossed. But then 7/4 week I had a rather bad SI, tho not bad *enough* to keep me home from work for more than one day, so maybe the LDN is helping my sinuses too? But there was plenty of OTC meds, and I'm pretty sure it came about after missing a bi-weekly allergy shot right before early July, which is the worst on my summer allergies. So I got my shot right after getting the SI, and last week I detoxed off all of the cold meds I used the week before to try and get rid of the SI, so... fingers crossed that's the end of that.

Tho last week on Wednesday (all day) and Friday (after lunch) there was a general feeling of being so fatigued I really just wanted to go home and straight to bed, which is a level-up of the fatigue unfortunately. I really hope that's just cold-meds detox, maybe mixed with Tuesday's acupuncture appointment. Thursday was better, but then I did go to bed very early on Wednesday. *shrugs*

My acupuncturist is working out a new payment plan so I can do (mostly) weekly acupuncture again, as she is VERY frustrated at our lack of progress. Needlers usually see much faster and more reliable results, but the "storm cloud of improbability" that's still following me around continues to thwart her. Not angry *at* me, but for me and my situation, and at how none of my Dr's seem to really be helping me much. Tho my newish endo is good with my LDN treatment, at least. She also recommended starting to take D-Ribose every day, as it often has a cumulative effect and the extra energy might help the body start repairing itself. I don't really feel extra energetic after taking 1mg of dribose, but after strenuous chores/crafting/gardening/etc I don't feel like my body's made of lead, so that's nice. I guess it adds to my Stamina stat rather than my spoons.

But again, I was feeling slowly better for the weeks leading up to the SI, so I'm hoping I can get back on the low sloping incline again. Tho I've had energy for (obsessing over) gardening, and doing embroidery projects, there hasn't been any sewing, jewelry, or writing done. But brainfog sucks for those. I did finish a few old sewing projects from February on 7/4, so that was nice.

What I REALLY need to do is get back on PT for my cranky hips before my con seasons start, b/c I need that stamina especially. Going light on costuming for GenCon and DCon, but would be nice to have all the stamina I can before I start traveling.

The ongoing, overall plan for summer is that if I can't do the creative work I really want (outside of embroidery on the circ desk in the summmer-slow library), I'm going to try and get out more and socialize, b/c that's how Extroverts recharge their spoons. Also, having a pile of recent memories where I'm out with friends having fun would be nice to help stave off darker moments of moping. A new deity has recently popped up in my life that seem to want to help with that, and she's there in a guardian aspect as well, so I think this will come together. If this all helps me pop back into writing sooner, great, but otherwise I need to be OK with waiting for fall.

Tho there's not really a lot of specific social events going on this week, which is a bummer. And I'm a bit strapped for cash again (still working on taming my grocery spending, wth). Wish I hadn't been too sick/recovering to go out last week, tho saving my spoons for game was definitely the best idea. There's a few things I could go see in a pinch, like improv or a movie or blues dancing, tho cash flow is still an issue. I may just stay in and watch tv while working on costume-alterations/fixes for the upcoming cons. Would also like to attempt the Stitch puppet this week/end. Eeek. I has worries.

Then this weekend the 'rents are coming in for brunch sometime, and there's some "nerdswap" events I'm curious about, but I don't really want more stuff. Tho you never know, I might find items I can shellack and put in the garden, etc. I'll see what random items I have that I haven't purged yet, mebbe go thru my bookshelf.

Might bug my local friend to borrow his GoT dvds, b/c I think its just time to finally watch that. Still worried about wanting to make all-teh-costumes, but what I'm *hoping* is that there will be costumes that help with stash busting. And at this point I think my willpower (or disgust) is strong enough that any temptations outside of the stash can be pinned until next year.

I also started watching two new-to-me shows the other week (gasp) which is actually a big deal for me. Supernatural and Black Sails. There is a level of fatigue where you're too tired to watch new TV shows, so def another good sign. This is what I point to when ppl say "maybe you're just getting old-tired" b/c being unable to watch tv or read a book is definitely not just "getting old" :-P

<3 Chrysilla

PS, going to try and post more in my Dreamwidth. B/c some meanderings are just too long for fb, y'know? Which is how this got here in the first place.

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