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My psych apparently didn't get my message asking about LDN two friking weeks ago, so he hadn't done any research or thinking about it, so he said no to letting me try it on his Rx yesterday :(. He only knows it for its original uses and strength. Suxxor. He wanted to put me on more Wellbutrin, I was like nope. On the upside, he confirmed the lysine-effect on this type of virus, so at least an actual doctor weighed in on this part of the plan.

On my way into work I stopped by Lilac's on Bleeker to drown my sorrows in fancy (dairylicious but still gf) chocolate, after spending weeks resisting the cheap Easter candy I <3. Because who gives a f#$% about my inflammation problems anyway :-P

I see the endocrinologist who treats my friend with LDN on 4/3 (earlier than I realized) so hopefully he won't think I'm crazy. Maybe I'll tell him about the 'knitting endo' to garner sympathy, tho that didn't work on my psych.

But overall very mopey and defeated right now. Just ... F#$% you doctors :-/

My "boo hoo no experimental medicine drug for meez" mood brought me into fabric-binging territory, but I didn't follow thru on it b/c the fabric I want (a really nice black knit I made a dress out of last month) to binge on won't be in stock until at least the end of the month. Noted down some ideas for all the new black-knit items I wanted, then crunched the numbers. Its not *impossible* but def a binge.

Could save up towards May as a b'day present for myself. And then if I come to my senses before that point I could put the $$ towards something less ridic. Cuz I keep meaning to check out Trash and Vaudville (or what's left of it) for vintage docs.

Meanwhile, there's no room in the stash area anyway. Could make a goal to clear one drawer by May before the planned binge, but I'm not sure how Ima do with sewing goals while my body/brain is spazzing out so hard. Should I *force* myself to sew something this weekend?

Also on the chopping block: Nav's pleather larp hoodie, b/c it didn't turn out like I wanted in the first place. I can reuse the pleather in other projects, although I'd have to practice the collarless blazer I'm thinking of on easy linen first.

At least going off-budget for chocolate means the chocolate will be gone in a couple days, and not taking up space in a drawer for up to years.

Still haven't sent a friend the stash fabric I promised him back in... November? Which I feel crappy about, b/c he could also use a treat.

Then there's the question of *if* I got to try LDN, would it bring my size/weight down? Would I then have to take in everything I've sewn in the last few months? Another good reason to put it off a couple months. On the outside chance I get to try experimental medicine drug.

<3 Chrysilla

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